• Cherish Roeder

Why you don't need a Day of Coordinator

Yes, you read that correctly, you do not need nor do you want a day of coordinator. You may be thinking, “But Cherish, isn’t that what you do?” or “But my venue said I need to have a Day of Coordinator.” Both are correct… Kind of... Let me explain. I receive a lot of emails asking if I would just show up on the day of the wedding to make sure things run smoothly and set up.

Bride’s ask these questions because of the term “Day of”, unfortunately, these words, as well as other false information out there, have given an incorrect impression of what a bride needs for her day.

I once attended a wedding, and the coordinator did just that. She showed up the day of, and it was the most chaotic wedding I have ever attended. To begin, the wedding started 45 minutes late! This was because the groomsmen didn’t realize they were supposed to be at the pre wedding pictures or where they were being taken, and the photographer didn’t realize the time. The wedding party didn’t know where to stand or line up for the ceremony, there was a lot of awkward silence, the cocktail hour was a bit confusing. The flow of the evening was...well...weird ( guests were saying this) and at the end of the night, the bride and groom were not happy with how the day went. Why? Because in order to truly make sure your wedding runs smoothly, a wedding planner needs to be involved well before the day of.

We need to make sure that you have a list of good vendors to choose from. We take the time to build relationships with vendors and know which vendors work well, and which vendors to avoid...unfortunately. We will be able to catch any hiccups along the way, before the wedding day. As well as catch them the day of. We know how to make a timeline that not only creates the fun events of the day, but makes sure they flow together without awkward pauses, as well as know when the vendors should arrive. Along with that, we make the layout for your ceremony site, cocktail hour, and reception area. Because we are professionals, we know the exact distance tables need to be from each other, what size the dance area or floor needs to be, where the caterer, DJ, cake, gifts...should go. We can direct a ceremony in a timely organized manner and know the order, spacing and timing that the family and wedding party should walk out, leave the ceremony and where to go after they exit. On top of that, there are tons of little and big details that bride’s just don’t think about, And they shouldn’t, they should be enjoying their day and the fun stuff that goes along with the wedding.

Wedding planners are wired to think on our feet, but we also need to go into a wedding with information. We need to know YOU, your likes, dislikes, personality...This is what helps us make sure you have the wedding of your dreams, and bring reality to the picture as well.

So before you hire a “Day of Coordinator”, yes some planners will use those words, Make sure they are actually getting involved well before the day of, so that your wedding can truly be the best day ever!

Photo by Sacia Matthews

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