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So you're engaged! Now what?

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Yay! I can imagine how excited you are right now, with a new beautiful sparkling ring, a man who loves you, and dreams of your walk down the aisle. You've probably told all your friends and family, picked your bridesmaids, and imagined yourself in that dress. After all, You have been waiting for this day your whole life. But, what is the next step? How do you get there?

What's Next?

You want your wedding to be the best day of your life full of joy! The stress!...Unless you have gotten married several times (which I highly doubt, since you're reading this) you have no idea what to do to start, who to talk to, when tobegin, and google has so many options. Which one is right?

You have no idea what to do to start, who to talk to, when to do what, and google has so many options. Which one is right?

First Thing's First

Before you do anything, you have to do the obvious...pick a date. Now you're wondering why I am telling you something so simple. I have had several brides contact me to plan their wedding and aren't sure what date they are getting married, just have the month they're getting married, or maybe sometime around here...(Um, I have no idea if I am available on an unspecified date)... Pick a date and stick with it. If Uncle Herbert can't make that date, then kindly tell him you're sorry, and will miss his presence. This day is about you and your man, so pick a date that the two of you agree on.

Next on the List

Now that you have your date down, you have to make up a guest list. I know, this is not the fun part. Just like I can't help you plan without a date, I can't help you without a number. You want to make sure you pick a venue that works for your crowd. What if the venue you like only seats 75 and you have 150?...You get the point. So, as soon as you have the date, sit down with him and make up that guest list. Include the parents, too. They may help you remember people, or forget people...give them some say (especially if they are paying for the wedding). Remember that it's your day, so the guest list needs to reflect you two.


Okay, now that that's done, the next boring part is the budget...This is as important as the previous two. You have to know your max budget and what you want to aim for. What all does your budget include? Is it just the wedding day, does it include your dress, hair, makeup...?Make sure you are clear on what is included in that number. Some brides have a separate budget for their dress, hair and makeup, while others include that in the overall price. Once you have that number, stick with it. At this point, you may need to pare down on that guest list, or you may be okay.

Fun Stuff

Now you can do all of the fun stuff! You need to decide if you want a planner to help you pick that amazing venue and other vendors. Do you want a planner to help you design your dream day, or do you want a planner to come in for just that day so you can enjoy all of your hard work? Why does the planner come next? Do you want to run around on your wedding day making sure all of the vendors are there, setting everything up, fixing the " Oh, No's" and get ready for your day? Seriously, does that even sound fun? How do you enjoy your bridesmaids, your mom, grandma, whoever else you want with you? Do you want to work your family to death and have them not enjoy your day? No way. How do you pick a planner? Well, that will be in the next blog, but you have to keep your budget and style in mind.

If you have decided on a Day Of planner, then on to your next can pick your venue! "But there are so many to choose from! " I know, this is both good and bad. I tell brides to close their eyes and imagine their wedding day. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? That's what you like. Now, you can search for a venue that matches that. Still can't find your venue? Most day of planners will give you a venue list. From here, pick the rest of your vendors.

Now on to all of the fun! Remember, don't stress, you will be beautiful and your day will be fabulous!

Now on to all of the fun! Remember, don't stress, you will be beautiful and your day will be fabulous!

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