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Hannah and Brady's Simply Beautiful Topsail Beach Wedding Elopement

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding day from the time they were little girls.They dream of their wedding dress, the flowers, cake, dancing and the ceremony, and when the time comes that they find their True love, the real planning starts. Hannah was no different. Hannah and Brady are such a sweet couple they had been planning their wedding day for months, looking forward to the ‘I DO’ more than anything. Then the pandemic hit, the great Covid-19 of 2020, destroying all of their detailed plans. They were to have a large wedding, with over 200 guests, all the details had been planned out, the decor bought, everything was set. First the venue closed, then the military travel bans made it impossible for most of the groom’s family to attend. Their dreams were quickly being taken away.

It was early, Monday morning when my phone rang, it was Brady’s mother. She asked if there was any way I could help them with a small elopement the upcoming Saturday. Without hesitation, the only answer could be ‘yes’. I got right to work getting as many details as I could from the mother of the groom, then I spoke to Hannah the next morning about her thoughts, what she had wanted, colors, flowers and every detail a bride wants. I immediately ordered the flowers, and started contacting some restaurants and beach venues. I drove to one to take pictures for them, they loved it! Surprisingly it was available! Until it wasn’t… due to the time it took me to contact them, the venue was no longer available.

Everything was changing from one minute to the next due to new and changing orders from the pandemic. I found another area that could work, but they didn’t love it, they were tempted to just settle. I told them to hold it, and wait, I had another idea up my sleeve. Because Hannah and Brady wanted a beach wedding, I happened to be familiar with a restaurant that had a large patio right on the beach, plus it was right around the corner from me. I drove straight there to speak to them in person. I explained the situation to the restaurant owner, and they were more than willing to help! We talked through the details to make sure we complied with all the Covid-19 orders and how to make sure Hannah and Brady not only had a beautiful ceremony, but also a delicious dinner. We were even able to make some time for dancing. Hannah and Brady loved this venue so we booked it immediately.

All the details were falling into place, finally! And then, on Friday, the day before the wedding, the restaurant called letting me know that the Sheriff's deputy came in and told them that the patio needed to be shut down and that they would check periodically to make sure no one was on the patio. So here we are, I have less than 24 hours to figure out how to get these two sweet people married...Luckily, someone happened to be in the restaurant at that time, who lived in the condos attached to the restaurant. This lovely resident said we could be their guests and could use the “private” beach access, and do the “reception” on the pool deck. Of course this wasn’t going to be that easy. We also needed to have a rain plan, just in case, the forecast called for rain the next day.

Praise God! Ceremony time was approaching, the sky was cloudy without rain, which is exactly what the photographer needed. We had the pool area set up, the bride and groom arrived along with their family and the officiant ( a total of 9 counting the officiant). We did not waste any time! We started the music, sent the officiant, groom and family to the beach, Let them get set, then sent the bridesmaids ( the bride and groom’s sisters) and the bride and her father. Then we held our breath. As soon as the officiant said “ I now present Mr and Mrs…” a sigh of relief was on all of our faces along with the biggest smiles. A few condo residents joined in the rejoicing as well!

Hannah and Brady were able to eat with their family, dance their first dance, Hannah and her Father were able to dance their choreographed dance that they had practiced for months, Brady and his mom danced, plus they were able to cut the cake and have a few more songs for dancing. They were able to enjoy a real wedding.

The whole time this was going on, Hannah and Brady took it like champs. They were thankful just to have a ceremony, just to be married. They realized the truly important thing of a wedding is the ceremony, all of the other stuff is just an added bonus. What an amazing day!

Amazing Vendor Team:

Planner/flowers Divine Inspirations Weddings and Events

Photographer Michele Kathleen Photography

Caterer: Splash By The Sea

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