• Cherish Roeder

Elopement and Intimate wedding trends

Covid has really thrown this country, this world, for a loop. It has changed all of our plans, lives, and dreams. And weddings are in that mess of crazy changes. Most brides have been planning their wedding for months to years, and have now had a wrench thrown in all they were dreaming and planning. So what does this mean for weddings?

While there has been what seems like a halt in the wedding season, ceremonies are still going on, and weddings have not stopped. They have just pivoted, if you will. In the upcoming months and even year or two, you will see a huge trend in smaller weddings. This is not a bad thing at all! A small wedding will give a bride and groom more freedom to add those things that are most important to them, it will give them more room in their pocket books, and it will bring back the focus on marriage.

Let’s talk about some of these small wedding trends. First trend we see popping up more and more are “Elopement Weddings”. The original definition of elopement was to run away and get married in secret. While this type of elopement can’t really exist anymore, the idea of a small number of guests is what gives this type of wedding it’s name. An elopement is typically less than 20 guests, and in most settings less than 10. It consists of the bride and groom, their family and maybe a close friend or two. They have a small ceremony, and then have a private dinner with some cake. They may even throw in a first dance. With limits on their guest count, an Elopement is a stress free way to still have your wedding, and celebrate with those who are close to you. You can still wear your beautiful dress, have a luxurious bouquet, a beautiful arbor, and those chairs you really wanted(wink,wink). He can wear his tux or suit and have a sweet boutonniere. And don’t forget about those fantastic photos!

Maybe you are thinking, that sounds sweet, but I really want something bigger. Good news, the next small wedding trend is the “Intimate Wedding”. This is the wedding that has under 50 guests, including the wedding party. An intimate wedding will have more of a reception party after the ceremony. Rescheduling will not be an issue at this time of life with under 50 guests. Guests will have a more spacious seating arrangement than a typical wedding. You can still have the DJ, the dancing, the cake cutting… Everything you wanted, just with fewer guests. These intimate weddings will have the same structure as a larger wedding, but will again be kinder on the pocket book. Or maybe just open up your budget to go bigger on your flowers, or cake, or food. The ideas are endless.

Does this mean large weddings are going away? Not at all! Large weddings will still be going on, and if that is your dream, you can still have your large wedding. We just see an upward trend in Elopements and Intimate weddings.

What is the good news? More options and more ways to get married!

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