Divine Inspirations strives to make sure all of their clients receive the best service and are clear about what to expect from us. Here are some helpful answers to common questions. 

1.Q: Why are your prices not listed?

   A: We know that each Wedding is different and personal, so we custom price our services based on your needs, the scope of your wedding, and staff required to make your day amazing. (Most weddings will require at least two to three staff members at $25/hr per staff member)


2. Q: Do you do floral design for weddings that you are not planning?

     A: Unfortunately we do not.  We want to make sure that all of our clients have the best experience, in doing so, we only offer floral design for our own clients. 

3. Q: I don't want to pay for a caterer to stay at our wedding/event, will you place the food out and replenish when necessary?

    A: Unfortunately we cannot help with food.  We are not insured nor licensed to handle food items. We require that you use a licensed caterer and they must cater your wedding/event.

4. Q: I have family friends I want to use as vendors, Will you work with them?

     A: We require that all vendors are licensed and insured with a real company. If your friends own a real company with license and insurance, then we are happy to work with them. Otherwise, we are happy to recommend the best vendors for your budget and style.

5. Q: My family would like to help set up, Will they be able to help you?

    A:  We want you and your guests to enjoy their day, and not have to work up a sweat. So, we ask that your family and friends take the time to just enjoy the day and relax :)

6. Q: I am a DIY bride and want to make my own decor, Will you set it out for me?

    A: We are happy to set up your DIY items, However, we require that all tags are removed from items, items are neatly put together and labeled clearly. We will assemble items as part of an add on package. Contact us to get pricing.

7. Q: I am only looking for Day-of-Coordination, I do not see an option for that on your website, do you offer this service?

     A: We no longer offer Day-Of-Coordination, we have a similar package called Wedding Management. This package offers all of the benefits of Day-Of-Coordination, plus much more. This package helps us find any areas that may be lacking or any hiccups much earlier, plus all the other personal services that come with it.